MTSA 2024 Full Program

8:00-9:00 Registration
9:00-9:15 Opening remarks and welcome
9:15-10:35 TU-1: Relativistic THz and attosecond science
9:15-9:45 TU-1.1: Katsumi Midorikawa – The third generation attosecond light source
9:45-10:10 TU-1.2: Luc Bergé – Ultrastrong terahertz pulses produced by relativistic laser-matter interactions
10:10-10:35 TU-1.3: Tae Gyu Pak – Multi-millijoule terahertz emission from relativistic plasmas
10:35-11:00 Refreshment break
11:00-12:15 TU-2: THz interactions with nanoscale and molecular systems
11:00-11:25 TU-2.1: Mike Ruggiero – Jumping Crystals – Terahertz Phonons Dictate Macroscopic Mechanical Dynamics in Organic Materials
11:25-11:50 TU-2.2: Hyeong-Ryeol Park – Terahertz dynamics of two-dimensional water layer within nanoresonators
11:50-12:15 TU-2.3: Weiwei Liu – Micro-nano scale THz nonlinearity excited by femtosecond laser filamentation
12:15-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:10 TU-3: Sensing, biological and medical applications
13:30-13:55 TU-3.1: Fanqi Meng – Interdigitated THz metamaterial sensors and high power THz emission from RTD arrays
13:55-14:20 TU-3.2: Toshihiro Kiwa – Toward Terahertz pathology: Detection of cancer cells by a terahertz chemical microscope
14:20-14:45 TU-3.3: Joo-Hiuk Son – Terahertz demethylation for cancer therapy
14:45-15:10 TU-3.4: Zachary Taylor – THz frequency, Mie scattering of human cornea
15:10-15:45 Refreshment break
15:45-17:50 TU-4: Laser-based THz sources
15:45-16:10 TU-4.1: Nicholas Matlis – Terahertz-driven accelerators for high-brightness electron- and X-ray based instruments
16:10-16:35 TU-4.2: Clara Saraceno – Advanced 2.1-µm femtosecond laser technology for improved conversion to the THz region
16:35-17:00 TU-4.3: Yutong Li – Generation and applications of strong terahertz driven by high-intensity lasers
17:00-17:25 TU-4.4: Stefan Skupin – Ionization-Induced THz Emission
17:25-17:50 TU-4.5: Fabian Rotermund – Recent progress in highly nonlinear organic crystals for THz wave generation
18:00-20:00 Welcome reception
20:00-?? Dinner (on your own)


8:00-8:45 Registration
8:45-10:30 WE-1: THz quantum optics and solid-state physics I
8:45-9:15 WE-1.1: Alfred Leitenstorfer – Time-domain Experiments on Fluctuating Quantities: Photons and Spins
9:15-9:40 WE-1.2: Jian Chen – Sensitive Superconducting Quantum Capacitance Detectors at Terahertz Wavebands
9:40-10:05 WE-1.3: Krushna Mavani – Terahertz conductivity sense cation disorder in thin films of half-metallic double perovskites
10:05-10:30 WE-1.4: Manfred Helm – Driving nanomaterials with a THz free-electron laser
10:30-10:50 Refreshment break
10:50-12:30 WE-2: Integrated THz optics
10:50-11:15 WE-2.1: Cristina Benea-Chelmus – Integrated terahertz devices
11:15-11:40 WE-2.2: Lauren Gingras – Vectorial nanostructured currents and broadband THz vector beams from optoelectronic metasurfaces
11:40-12:05 WE-2.3: Urban Senica – Planarized terahertz quantum cascade laser frequency combs for coherent integrated photonics
12:05-12:30 WE-2.4: Jiawen Liu – Silicon-organic integrated photonics for THz sensing
12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:10 WE-3: THz photonic and electronic applications I
13:30-13:55 WE-3.1: Hiroaki Minamide – All-in-one system of backward terahertz-wave oscillator mountable on robots
13:55-14:20 WE-3.2: Tae-In Jeon – New applications of long-distance THz pulse propagation
14:20-14:45 WE-3.3: Masayoshi Tonouchi – Terahertz Emission Spectroscopy and Imaging as a Quantitative Analytical Tool
14:45-15:10 WE-3.4: Wojciech Knap – THz response of GaN/AlGaN 2D plasmonic nanostructures
15:10-15:45 Refreshment break
15:45-17:25 WE-4: Solid-state THz physics II
15:45-16:10 WE-4.1: Long Cheng – Exciton-polaron transition dynamics in the correlated Van der Waals material NiPS3
16:10-16:35 WE-4.2: Peiyan Li – Room temperature ultrafast terahertz spin current generated in a two-dimensional superlattice (Fe3GeTe2/CrSb)3
16:35-17:00 WE-4.3: Kateryna Kushnir Friedman – Ultrafast shift current and optical rectification in SnS2 single crystals
17:00-17:25 WE-4.4: Shriganesh Prabhu – Far-Field and Near Field THz Spectroscopy of Materials
17:30-19:00 Poster session
19:00-?? Dinner (on your own)


PO-1 Xue Ding
Detection of Lung Cancer Cells by A Voltage-controlled Terahertz Chemical Microscopy
PO-2 Mana Murakami
Detection of SARS-CoV-2 in A Solution with A Small Volume Using Terahertz Chemical Microscope
PO-4 Luwei Zheng
Reflective properties of a THz meta-sensor and its bio-sensing application
PO-5 Yamuna Murtunge
Exploring Angle dependent Phonon Modes in Sodium Mesitylene Sulfonate (SMS) Crystal using Terahertz time-domain Polarimetry (THZ-TDP)
PO-6 Vincent Goumarre
Methods for fast and accurate material properties estimate with terahertz time-domain spectroscopy in transmission and reflection with optically thick materials
PO-7 Xuecou Tu
Cavity-integrated terahertz detector
PO-8 Robin Löscher
High-repetition-rate accumulation effects in air-plasma THz sources
PO-9 Samira Mansourzadeh
Optical rectification of intense near-infrared pulses at 100 kHz repetition rate in the organic crystal MNA
PO-10 Zeliang Zhang
THz radiation coherent accumulation along the two-color laser filament in Air
PO-11 Jie Ji
Bound states in continuum in highly symmetric terahertz metasurfaces
PO-12 Samuel John
Far-field and Near-field investigation of Quasi-BIC based THz Metasurface
PO-13 Jingbo Wu
Terahertz electrically addressable metasurfaces based on liquid crystal and phase change material
PO-14 Vivek Dwij
Breaking of inversion symmetry in NdGaO3
PO-15 Vivek Dwij
Terahertz dynamics in the high TC multiferroic CuO
PO-16 Pawel Komorowski
Neural network method for the design of terahertz optical components
PO-17 Norbert Pałka
THz-TDS detection of defects in ballistic inserts
PO-18 Yaheng Wang
Precision 2D/3D Imaging and PointNet++ Based Object Classification of Concealed Objects using an FMCW Millimeter-Wave Radar
PO-19 Yamuna Murtunge
Growth, Optical and Terahertz Characterization of Sodium Mesitylene Sulphonate (SMS) Crystal
PO-20 Olivér Nagy
High-speed Continuous Waveform Acquisition in Terahertz Air Photonics Platform
PO-22 Deepika Yadav
Nonlinear up-conversion detection of sub-terahertz waves via DFG and SFG in DAST crystal
PO-23 Yuma Takida
Charactering spectral sensitivity of THz photomultiplier tubes by an injection-seeded THz-wave parametric generator
PO-24 Alexander Holm Orth
Balanced Air-Biased Detection of Terahertz Waveforms
PO-25 William Carstensen
Unravelling topographic contrast from THz-SNOM data of semiconductor nanowires
PO-26 Matej Sebek
Terahertz-induced hot electron emission
PO-27 Andreas Steiger
How accurate do you know your power at 300 GHz?


8:00-8:45 Registration
8:45-10:25 TH-1: THz near-field science
8:45-9:10 TH-1.1: Frank Hegmann – Advances in ultrafast terahertz scanning tunneling microscopy
9:10-9:35 TH-1.2: Tyler Cocker – Atomic-scale terahertz time-domain spectroscopy
9:35-10:00 TH-1.3: Tom Siday – Subcycle optical spectroscopy at the atomic scale
10:00-10:25 TH-1.4: Tianwu Wang – Terahertz waveform sampling under scanning tunneling microscope
10:25-10:50 Refreshment break
10:50-12:30 TH-2: THz spintronics + advanced materials
10:50-11:15 TH-2.1: Reza Rouzegar (on behalf of Tobias Kampfrath) – Terahertz spintronics: insights and applications
11:15-11:40 TH-2.2: Dhanvir Singh Rana – Terahertz magnon spintronics with non-collinear antiferromagnets
11:40-12:05 TH-2.3: Petr Kuzel – Terahertz response of 3D graphene aerogels
12:05-12:30 TH-2.4: Bumki Min – Light-matter interactions in photonic temporal crystals
12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:10 TH-3: THz biomedical applications, metasurfaces and integration
13:30-13:55 TH-3.1: Emma MacPherson – THz in vivo skin sensing – the largest study to date
13:55-14:20 TH-3.2: Jiaguang Han – Simultaneous Terahertz Emission and Manipulation Based on Nonlinear Metasurfaces
14:20-14:45 TH-3.3: Quan Xu (on behalf of Weili Zhang) – Metasurface based manipulation of terahertz surface waves
14:45-15:10 TH-3.4: Robert Kohlhaas – Towards photonic integrated THz systems on a chip
15:10-15:40 Refreshment break
15:40-17:00 TH-4: Solid-state THz physics III
15:40-16:10 TH-4.1: Keith Nelson – THz field-driven phonons and magnons probed with x-rays and 2D THz polarimetry
16:10-16:35 TH-4.2: Rebecca Milot – Terahertz Spectroscopy of Layered Metal Halide Perovskites
16:35-17:00 TH-4.3: Lyuba Titova – 2D MXenes: THz spectroscopy and Applications
17:00-18:00 Transit to boat trip (by foot, to Fisketorvet)
18:00-19:15 Sightseeing boat trip through the Copenhagen Canals
19:30-22:30 Symposium dinner (Kayak Bar)


9:00-10:15 FR-1: THz photonic and electronic applications II
9:00-9:25 FR-1.1: Taiichi Otsuji – Terahertz plasmonic devices using graphene-based 2D materials
9:25-9:50 FR-1.2: Adrian Dobrioiu – Terahertz-wave dot projector for 3D imaging using a resonant-tunneling-diode oscillator
9:50-10:15 FR-1.3: Chiko Otani – Recent progress of terahertz sensing
10:15-10:45 Refreshment break
10:45-12:00 FR-2: THz applications II
10:45-11:10 FR-2.1: Joachim Jonuscheit – Thickness Measurement in an Industrial Environment
11:10-11:35 FR-2.2: Agnieszka Siemion – Self-imaging effect at terahertz frequencies with sub-wavelength resolution
11:35-12:00 FR-2.3: Simon Jappe Lange – THz innovation lab: Bringing THz technologies from lab to industry
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