Exploring Angle dependent Phonon Modes in Sodium Mesitylene Sulfonate (SMS) Crystal using Terahertz time-domain Polarimetry (THZ-TDP)

Yamuna Murtunge1,2,*, Ajinkya Punja1,3, Ruturaj Puranik1, Utkarsh Pandey1, S.B. Kulkarni2 and S. S. Prabhu1,**

1Department of Condensed Matter Physics and Material Science, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai 400005, India
2Dr Homi Bhabha State University, Institute of Science, Mumbai-400032, India
3Department of Physics, University of Cambridge, U.K

*murtungeyamuna31@gmail.com, **shriganesh.prabhu@gmail.com

We employed sodium mesitylene sulfonate crystal to investigate angle-dependent phonon resonance in THz time-domain polarimetry. This crystal possesses a C2 space group, leading to repetition pattern after 180° rotations. Our experimental observations revealed intriguing behaviour: We observed a non-linear response when varying the angle from 10° to 360° in 0.182mm thick crystal. specifically, at 50° and 230°, dip resonance occurred, while at 140° and 320°, no phonon resonance was observed. Our findings offer valuable insights into the phononic properties of this crystal as angle varies.

Figure 1: Transmittance THz spectrum of the SMS crystal at room temperature. Transmission shows minima at two angles for specific frequencies. (b) THz Pulse transmission through the SMS crystal showing different oscillations at specific angles.

[1] L. Mutter, F. D. Brunner, Z. Yang, M. Jazbinˇsek, and P. G¨unter, “Linear and nonlinear optical properties of the organic crystal dstms,” JOSA B 24(9) 2556–2561 (2007)
[2] S. R. Marder, J. W. Perry, and C. P. Yakymyshyn, “Organic salts withlarge second-order optical nonlinearities,” Chemistry of materials 6(8) 1137–1147 (1994)

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